PCHC has a Case Management program to care for patients with diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

Case Management Program Overview

Sometimes it’s hard to navigate the complex medical system. When patients move between the emergency room, the hospital and then back to their regular doctor, sometimes important information can get lost.

Nurse Case Managers help patients to understand their medical conditions and connect them to the services, specialists and resources that they need. These specialized nurses coordinate care between all of the members of someone’s care team. But most importantly they help you to understand your condition so that you can better manage your health.

Patient’s eligible for case management services include people with:

  • 2 or more hospital admissions in the past year
  • 2 or more emergency room visits in the past six months 5 or more medications
  • Combinations of certain chronic diseases such as Asthma, COPD, Heart Disease, Depression, Diabetes, Sickle Cell Anemia and othersServices include coordinating transportation or interpreting services, providing information on community resources, attending medical or behavioral health appointments to advocate on your behalf, and providing education to help you better manage your overall health.


Asthma/Allergy Clinic at Prairie Avenue Health Center, treats patients with allergies and asthma in a comprehensive and ongoing manner.

Our board-certified allergist and team provide comprehensive asthma and allergy care to PCHC patients by referral from PCHC’s primary-care clinicians. Allergy skin testing and spirometry (measurement of lung function) are available at this site.

Our certified asthma educator teaches patients and their families about self-management goals and how to take control of their asthma. We also provide tobacco cessation education. All in English and Spanish.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation counseling is also provided by PCHC providers, including prescription for nicotine replacement and quit smoking medicine.

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