Can I go to the health center for a problem if my “real” doctor is on vacation?

If your doctor is on vacation, and you are sick, you may utilize the services of our 355 Prairie Avenue Express Clinic. Call them at 401-444-0570 to make an appointment for today.

What if I already see a doctor and want to switch?

You can contact your insurance carrier and request a change in your assigned primary-care physician and contact your current physician to have your records transferred.

How much are the services?

All services are provided regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. Patients will be charged according to the agency’s sliding-fee schedule.

Do I need to accompany my children and teenager on their visits?

Yes. Children younger than 18 need parental consent for visits and a parent or guardian needs to be present for primary-care visits or annual physical examination visits.

What type of service can I expect to receive?

PCHC provides a full array of primary and preventive services for infants to adults. Some of these services include pediatrics, prenatal care, adult clinics, women’s health care and many other specialty services.

Will someone speak my language?

Yes, in most situations. PCHC employs a multilingual staff that is available to interpret for non-English-speaking patients.

What if I need to be seen when the clinic is closed?

After hours, you can call the answering service (401) 521-2131 and a PCHC physician will be on call to help. In fact, you may be directed to PCHC Express which is open 7 days a week.

What can I do to help my doctor or nurse practitioner give me even better care?

We need you to bring all your medications to every visit so that your doctor can check that they are accurate.

What about if I have a question about applying or renewing through the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) or my insurance gets terminated?

Contact your health center and an Enrollment Specialist will be able to assist you.

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