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Medical Staff

Providence Community Health Centers employs a highly skilled, compassionate, and culturally diverse workforce of board-certified pediatricians, internists, family practitioners, nurses, nurse practitioners, and certified nurse midwives.
Adult Medicine

Andrew Saal, MD

Chief Medical Officer 

Jonathan I. Gates, MD

Medical Director, Integrated Care Management

Capitol Hill Health Center

Gwyneth Granton, MD
Aftab Iqbal, MD
Vinod Thomas, MD

Roxana Rodriguez, DO

Central Health Center

Willy Salas Sanchez, MD

Chafee Health Center

Sonal Patel, MD


Ivan Wolfson, MD
Mark Schnabal, NP

North Main Health Center

Tariq Malik, MD
Judith Nudelman, MD

Olneyville Health Center

Erick Soria-Galvarro, MD

Prairie Avenue Health Center

Cesar Mora Jaramillo, MD
Magdi Salmon, MD

Randall Square Health Center

Francisco Trilla, MD

      NP Fellowship Program Mentor

Floating Providers

Karen Saal, MD

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